A Critique of Analysis of Causes of Building Collapse: System Thinking Approach

A Critique of Analysis of Causes of Building Collapse: System Thinking Approach

Analysis of causes of building collapse: system thinking approach by Hamma-adama, Iheukwumere, and Kouider (2020) is a journal that focuses on applying systems thinking in the construction industry and its collapse. The writer focuses on the construction industry’s evolution and how it has faced numerous challenges; building collapse is currently the most common construction industry problem. The authors saw the need to analyze the application of system thinking in construction and its success in reducing the number of collapsing buildings. The journal thus focuses on how system thinking methods like the system mapping process have been applied in accessing the high number of cases of collapsing buildings in Nigeria. Moreover, the authors have greatly emphasized the use of system thinking as a holistic approach that makes it better methods of finding out the cause of collapsing buildings in the Nigerian construction industry.

Analysis of how causal loop diagrams are used to analyze various components that cause building collapse in the Nigerian construction industry is sincere proof that the authors went through a great deal of research. A causal loop is a powerful tool used in system thinking to analyze complex scenarios critically (Hördur, 2004) . Analysis of complex issues through the use of casual loops provides excellent insights that can enable experts to improve on areas that had a weakness. For instance, the journal usage of causal loop representations exposed various hidden issues that were ever-present in most collapsed buildings sites that could not have been easily notice. Causal loop diagrams are made in a manner that enables the creation of an interrelationship that reveals weaknesses that concurrently occurs in a given organization or a project. The case scenario in this journal is the collapsing building in Nigerian building sites.

Sample Causal Loop Diagram. Source: Hamma-adama, Iheukwumere, and Kouider (2020)

According to the journal, systems thinking is an excellent tool that can reveal needed information that helps improve an organization or an industry. In the journal, the information provided through systems thinking protocols like causal loop and system mapping has highlighted a myriad of reasons why most buildings collapse in Nigeria. Current and future engineers have been provided with information that can prevent future collapse in Nigeria’s numerous construction sites. The journal is a helpful piece of information that the authors have placed for people interested in preventing the collapse of building in Nigeria can use to get leverage in averting this common phenomenon in Nigeria.


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