A Critique of Wound and Mental Health Care: System Thinking

Systems thinking in the health system was an idea that stayed idol for a long time; the idea was awakened by the current advancements in information technology.  “Wound and Mental Health Care: System Thinking” by Samuriwo and Hannigan, 2019; is a health system journal that highlights the incorporation of systems thinking in treatment of wound and mental health.  “Wound and Mental Health Care: System Thinking” carries much weight since the topic of critique in this paper is “Health system and system thinking.” The journal focuses on the problems of health in the health sector before and after applying systems thinking. The authors further highlight the fact that system thinking involves the integration of patterns, components and organization structures to deal with the systematic problems and outline possible solutions. Moreover, the authors explain the significance of interrelationship in spotting the patterns and events that can be tracked to detect problems. The information on systems thinking in this journal proves that the authors had a deeper understanding of the application of system thinking in a real-world setup.

The significant aspect of systems thinking discussed in the journal is systems dynamics modeling; this is because systems dynamics modeling uses mathematics methods to solves problems. Moreover, due to the fact that system dynamics apply qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis of complex problems, I find the article informative and precise to the point. System thinking has enabled most organizations to solve numerous problems; some of the problems solved through system dynamics modeling could have been very costly. Additionally, the soft and hard aspects of system thinking are also highlighted and discussed in the journal. As per the description of the articles, the authors have maintained the quality of the information the authors have dispatched in the journal encourages the ready to embrace the practices of system thinking.

Other players in the health industry may also learn how employing aspects of system thinking can significantly aid with problem-solving.  System thinking is a novel way that has built its name around problem-solving attributes that it confers to people working in an organization that practices system thinking shows capability of handling complex situation in treatment of wounds and mental healthcare’s using system thinking strategies thrived. The journal is based on achievements that most organizations have gained through applying system thinking principles in treatment of mental health patients and wounds, the journal proves that system thinking is indeed a powerful strategy in solving healthcare issues.


Samuriwo, R. and Hannigan, B., 2019. Wounds and mental health care: system thinking. Mental Health Review Journal. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/MHRJ-03-2019-0007/full/html